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We help runners stay on course and feel better than before.

Brew Better Runs

Wed, November 15 @ 6-7pm

at Spectrum Performance office, then Little Cottage Brewery social to follow

120 Olive Street, suite 300, Avondale Estates GA

Interactive workshop to learn how to decrease pain and continue running for years to come

$20/person; includes information from workshop with follow up email and a Little Cottage beverage of your choice (GF, NA options available)

Space is limited to first 10 runners to sign up!

Are you sick of nagging pains during and after runs?

Finally, the weather is starting to shape up as we get closer to the Fall


You begin to see sign ups for different races around the city


You're conflicted about registering because

* you've been dealing with a nagging hamstring and are not sure if you could increase your mileage

* in the past, when you try to gear up for a race you always end up injured

* you've never really been a "runner" but you're interested in adding it to your weekly movement

* people say running is bad for your knees, or your back, or your feet, so nahh


But the truth is, if you want to lace up for some runs this Fall and coming Spring seasons, it IS possible for you


You can go from being hopeless and irritated about trying to run but always getting hurt to feeling the joy of running with your friends and having accessible exercise during holiday travels


Does it seem too good to be true?  It's not.  We have helped 1000s of athletes keep doing what they love while we address pain


Like RJ, who went from having low back and hip pain while running a few miles to getting back to runs 2-3x/week and planning for half marathon later this year


And Miguel, who went from experiencing calf pain 1 mile into a run to being able to run 4-5x/week without pain and return to Gaelic football


And Beverly, who went from having hip pain that led her stop mid-run to completing the Thanksgiving Half without hip pain


They are not unicorns.  They are just like you- dedicated, enthusiastic, busy professionals who enjoy running as a sport and hobby


Are you ready to make the most of the cooler weather?  We are ready to be a part of your team!

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