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About Us

Get to know our space and team!

Our space looks different than most physical therapy "clinics" for a reason.  We value your active participation in your treatment and we expect it to look similar to how you train.

How Do We Help You?

Go from having the same aches and pains pop up during every training cycle to being able to push your numbers and keep building strength


Go from needing a 30 minute warm up before feeling ready for the game to having a targeted and efficient warm up that helps you push your numbers


Go from decreasing training mileage due to knee pain to completing races and setting PRs


Here’s the deal, some medical professionals may give you red lights and tell you to stop your sport when pain pops up


But it doesn’t have to be that way!  We can address pains and weaknesses while still training.


If you’re like any of our clients, you may think or have been told that:

  • You just need to rest

  • It will always be a problem

  • Some parts of your training are dangerous


You feel alienated and hopeless


We get it.  We have been there in the past and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel


What if instead you could focus on your specific needs, decrease aches and pains and still make it to workouts with your friends and teammates?


You’ve tried:

  • More rest

  • Foam Rolling and theragun

  • Getting massages

  • Trying a new way of training


But no matter what, the aches and pain are still there


You’re probably thinking

“What am I missing?” 

“What do I do now?”

“Is it time to move on from this sport?”


We mentioned before that we know you can keep training even while addressing pain.  Even better, you could be working on laying the groundwork for setting a PR while you are decreasing the pain.  


Many times, athletes see medical professionals that do not understand their sport or mode of training.  


This is when blanket statements to “stop that type of training” are thrown around.


Then when athletes do find their way to rehab of some sort, they are usually aggressively under-loaded.  Meaning it’s too easy!  The tissue has to be challenged to adapt.


What if you could work with a medical team who understand and support your goals?

What if you could decrease pain while working towards PRs?

You can, and we can help you do it.


Curious how we do that?  We focus on helping you be Strong. Resilient. Well.


Strong- build the strength to come back from pain or injury

Resilient- continue to make your body more bulletproof and quicker to recover from set-backs; enhance your mindset to understand pain 

Well- focusing on longevity in your sport and in life

Does this sound like the focus you need?  We are here to be your teammates!

Our Values

Meet the Team

Dr. Jackie Varnum


Owner of Spectrum Performance

Dr. Jackie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is passionate about helping individuals stay active and pain-free. She received her DPT from Emory University in 2016 and began treating active individuals in Atlanta and coaching CrossFit.

* Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
* Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
* Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Certified
* USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach
* CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Dr. Jackie understands that active people need guidance to recover from injury, perform and feel their best with the support of medical providers.  Rather than saying "never" she likes to say "you can."

Dr. Jackie enjoys playing volleyball, weightlifting, traveling, listening to live music, camping, hiking and spending time with her incredible husband, Al, and adorable dog, Layla.

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Dr. Sebastian Gil


Dr. Sebastian is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is committed to helping his patients maintain high levels of activity and reach their fitness and sport goals. He has worked with highschool and collegiate athletes, and professional soccer players from around the world.

* Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
* Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Sebastian has played a variety of sports throughout his life and continues having active involvement in the Atlanta soccer community and local running groups. 

He enjoys traveling to new places, hiking and trying new restaurants with his wife, playing sports and videogames, and going to Atlanta United games!

Friends of Spectrum Performance

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