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Are you sick of feeling like you're going to get injured every time you step on the field?

Soccer is supposed to be a fun hobby and social outlet for you a few times each week


But now with back and hamstring tweaks, you can’t pick up your toddler without groaning or kick a ball around with your kid to bestow your skills before their club team tryouts this Fall


Does this sound like something you’ve dealt with?  

  • Knee or ankle pain every time you’re making a run in on goal

  • Hamstring or quad pain every time you take a shot from outside the box

  • Needing a sub every ten minutes

  • Not being able to keep up with the young college kids who come back to play over the summer


If you’re anything like our clients that are soccer players, being able to run, cut, and jump like you could 10 years ago seems unattainable because 

  • You’re worried that if you give it 100% you are going to break/tear something 

  • With age comes natural decline, right?

  • Flexibility has never been your strong suit


We get it. Setting aside time for yourself seems impossible, especially when you just want to play, but what if it doesn’t need to be a big chunk of time?  What if 10 minutes could make the difference?

You only get 2 days/week with your friends and teammates, so you want to feel good and outscore your opponents 


It’s frustrating to think that it takes extra TLC to play at a high level


You’ve tried to get help by

  • Playing through the pain and hoping it goes away

  • Slapping on the double knee sleeves, or heck throwing in some ankle braces too

  • Extended warm ups, with a lot of foam roller time


But the problem is, no matter what you try, the same nagging issues keep popping up


You want to be able to go out there and play a full match without worrying you won’t be able to walk into work tomorrow morning 

The truth is you can keep playing at a high level AND increase your speed and agility.


We are physical therapists and strength coaches who help frustrated athletes (yes you!) continue to perform at a high level even as they age.

Ask Mark, who was having to be subbed out due to hamstring pain in every match. Now he did so well with his club team that he is starting every game and scoring or assisting in nearly every match. 


We want you to know this can be you

Gone are the days that you have to warm up for 30 minutes before playing and still not feel great


Instead, you know exactly what to focus on for YOU to feel and see improvement and stay in the game!



  • How to dial in your warm up from 30 minutes to 10 minutes and actually be prepared to play hard and win every 50/50 challenge

  • How to improve agility and speed to keep up with the best players

  • How to avoid pesky hamstring and groin injuries that can take you out for months.  What a pain in the ass… literally. 


Does that sound like something you want?  We are here to help you do just that.

We offer complimentary Discovery Calls to see if we would be a good fit to work together.  We look forward to chatting!

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