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Trade This for That: How to train at home without weights

Well this escalated quickly. So if you didn’t have time to rush out and furnish a new home gym, do not fret! It is likely that you have objects around the house that you could use to get a good pump going at home. Here I have photo demonstrations of some easy go-tos for training functional movements. All you need: paint cans, laundry detergent, bag of dog food, tool box, gallon of milk or water, a backpack and whatever you can use while being creative.

Trade the kettlebell for a backpack loaded with books for swings.

Trade the dumbbell for a bag of dog food, laundry detergent or a full gallon for squat variations and presses. Choose the object according to how challenging you want the movement to be and to your skill level.

Goblet Squat variations

Overhead Press

Split Squat

Trade the kettlebell for 2 full paint cans for deadlifts. You could also use the backpack for this!

Trade the barbell for a tool box or bag of dog food for a bent row.

Exercises that are excellent without weights- push ups, planks, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers.


Need more suggestions to survive this quarantine and not lose your strength? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jackie

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