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Spectrum Performance with Dr. Jackie Varnum, DPT

Hello and welcome to Spectrum Performance! Thank you to all who have already supported and will support my small business. Spectrum Performance was born from the love of the fitness and the intrigue of solving problems to keep folks happy and healthy.

I do not believe that you must simply stop the activity you love because it is causing you pain. My goal with every individual is to keep them as active as possible while delve into the reason you are feeling pain.

I help people like you stay on the tennis court, in the gym or chasing after their kiddos. With a plan and program tailored to your goals, time, and resources, we are able to work together to quickly address and eliminate problems.

With the style of the practice I have created, I am YOUR physical therapist and strength coach. We have constant communication to tweak your program as needed in real time.

Are you ready to get rid of pain and improve your performance in life? Click that Book Now button! Have questions? Let's set up a discovery call. Email to schedule:

Have a sunny day!

Dr. Jackie

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedics & Women's Health

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