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Can you touch your toes without a 30 minute warm up?


Go ahead, try it right now.


If you’re anything like my clients, being able to move around freely without stiffness seems unattainable because 

  • You think you’re too old and past your prime

  • You’ve never been the most flexible person

  • You don’t have the time that this will surely take


I get it, setting aside time for yourself seems impossible but what if it doesn’t need to be a big chunk of time?  What if 15 minutes could make the difference?


Chances are you’ve tried all you can to address the stiffness you feel and keep up with family affairs


You workout 3-4 times each week, you do your best to eat a healthy diet with juggling driving kids around town and putting out fires at work


It’s frustrating to think that you need to do more just to be able to hop out of bed and get rolling in the morning without the struggle


You’ve tried to get help by

  • Taking a few weeks off from workouts

  • Searching mobility tricks on YouTube 

  • Drinking more water, eating healthier

  • Frequent massages


You think maybe the soreness is from a workout that you did a few days ago. Note to self, let’s not perform lunges anymore


Then the next time you’re sore, you think maybe the jog you went on caused the issue


Suddenly, you have a laundry list of exercises that you’re (kinda) sure cause you to feel stiff


You want to be able to fit in workouts, feel capable, get a good sweat going and then move on with the day


And your stomach sinks as you can’t help but wonder if you’ve caused some lasting damage that will keep you from being active as you age


That feeling of spinning your wheels sucks, I’ve been there


I remember wondering if I’d ever be able to get back to daily movement that felt great, like before  


I felt hopeless and alone, with no clear sense of direction.  Being active and healthy has always been a part of my identity, so when I wasn’t sure how to balance that and life happenings, I needed support.  And a PLAN


With my knowledge as an athlete and PT I knew there had to be a better way, so I pivoted and found the truth that there was a way to sustainably work towards feeling better


Listen, it’s simply not true that because you are in pain you have to give up something that you loved and lower your standards for health


The truth? 


You can keep playing tennis with your friends and playing catch with your kids while also decreasing pain– even when every other medical provider tells you that you can’t simply because they don’t understand the principles of strength & conditioning.  Nor do they take the time to ask about other variables in your life


What if you could find a medical provider who thinks outside of the box with ways to keep you active but also feeling good?


I want you to know we can be that team for you. Which is why I started Spectrum Performance.


We are physical therapists and strength coaches who help frustrated athletes (yes you!) remain active and in the game of life


Ask Nick, one of our clients who was resorting to stretching 30 min in the morning and 30 minutes at night but still unable to play ball with his kids or workout at the Y


He went from setting an early alarm to do “pre-work stretching” to sweating at the Y 3x/week and throwing with his kids on the weekends


He has a fun, individualized workout during his lunch break so that he has the time and energy at the end of the day to play with his kids in the yard


I want you to know this can be you!


Gone are the days of feeling and moving like you are 10 years older than you actually are


No more sticking to a workout plan for a few weeks then having to take another two off due to aches and pains


Instead you know exactly what to focus on for YOU to feel and see improvement and get back to living life.



  • How to decrease your daily stretching routine from 30 minutes to 10 minutes

  • How to feel like you can progress and not hurt yourself

  • How to get a sweat in 3x/week like you want to 


Does that sound like something you want? 


If so, you’re our people!


Want to know more about how we can collaborate?  Let’s get you scheduled for a 10-minute Discovery Call. 


Simply hit the button below and select "New Patient Phone Call" when checking availability on our schedules!

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